Image Zoomers Comparison

Image zoomers are a great tool for online stores and web catalogs, allowing visitors to explore your products to a very fine level of graphic detail.

This post is intended to provide a general view on some of the image zoomer alternatives out there.

Zoomify (

Very complete product. Has a basic free version and a suite of products for different needs. One of the products is the developer’s version, which includes the source code.

Flash Zoomer (

Very basic zoomer but still a good one. Has a free version that has a trademark below the zoomer, so it’s not very notorious.

It requires some configuration on the php server parameters, so it can be risky if you are implementing it on a shared server.


Scene7 (

A product from Adobe. Obviously great support, backed up by a gigantic company. Includes a mandatory web application for managing the images, web catalogs, and all that.

All images and the image administration application are stored on Adobe’s server. They promise redundancy, 24/7 availability and no latency issues.

A demo of the administration application is available, but you must create an account and request your demo licence.

To get a price you must schedule a web conference with the adobe’s team so you can tell them your needs, they propose the correct solution and then they give you the price (I’ve heard it’s quite high, but can’t tell for sure).

The image administration tool is quite comprehensive, so it may look a bit complex at the beginning.


Magic Toolbox (

It has a variety of products to attend different needs

Has good 3D rotation support

Business model is selling license per site (99 euros per site)

Supports only one level of zoom

It must load the entiry high quality photo and zoom trough it instead of using tiles, which hurts the user experience because of slow loading times.

All images are hosted on their servers. It’s not a very big company but they promise full support, data replication for crashes and redundancy, no latency issues and 24/7 availability

Open Zoom (

An open source SDK. It’s free but under the MPL/GPL/LGPL trilicense.

The page includes very comprehensive tutorials and also articles about efficient zooming algorithms.



Flash Zoomer

Scene 7

Magic Toolbox


Price Free – $695

Free – $39

Quote must be requested to Adobe Depends on product funcionality Free
Source code Only on premium version





Technology Action Script Action Script Action Script Action Script Action Script
Image Hosting Service






Customer service quality





Open source, so it has a lot of community support
Supports 3d rotation






Ease of setup





Requires programming skills
Performance issues Images must be cropped into tiles only once, so performance is not an issue Image crop at runtime, so it can consume quite a lot of resources


High resolution image must be loaded from the beginning, causing slow loading times


Other -Image annotations
-Image-to-tile converter
-Folder based storage*
-GUI configurable trough XML
-Requires some modification on the php server configuration
-Includes an image administration tool hosted by adobe. Requires learning curve. Also, it cannot be extended by yourself



All in all, all of these are excellent alternatives depending on what you need. All of them have a lot of good demos and useful information on their pages.

*Folder based storage is a concept of storing related data in a way that it resides on the same folder to be able to be put together. File based storage, on the other hand, is the concept of storing all data in a special kind of file type that contains both the images and the metadata about how to put it together


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